Welcome to Paragonian Knights
The Knight Code

The Paragonian Knights is an adult guild with a very unique way of doing things. Our sole purpose is to foster a mature, drama-free environment that is incredibly fun. This has made us one of City of Heroes’ premiere supergroups, and will continue to serve us well into the future.

Our code serves as the guiding principles behind our supergroup, and allows us to be a supergroup of few rules. The only way this works however, is if every member implicitly agrees to it. To this end, Please read the code in its entirety, and affirm your agreement via the link below.

Members of The Paragonian Knights promise to learn from their mistakes. It's learning from those failures that makes us great. We've also found that this rule quells a LOT of unnecessary drama.

Members of The Paragonian Knights are known as being courteous, friendly, helpful, and respectful. By becoming a member, you affirm that you will reflect these virtues; both in the supergroup and out.

All Members of The Paragonian Knights pledge to be participants, not just spectators. We expect everyone to be generous with their time and resources, as we intend to be very generous with ours. If you aren't helpful, this probably isn't the guild for you.