Welcome to Trucido Vulgus
The following applies to everyone in Trucido Vulgus. No one is exempt from them including the officers, and the guild leader!
We are a guild that is all about helping one another. All of our rules are based on this one principle. 
Most importantly.
  • Ask not what the guild can do for you, ask what you can do for the guild. Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all.
  • Don't expect more than you give.
  • If you need money please sell your items on the AH, we do not sell things to other members in guild.
  • Uphold the honor of the guild at all times, and be aware that your actions can affect the reputation of the guild. Should your actions bring the guild into disrepute then Ava will be wanting a word.
   Guild meetings, Instances, Raids, and Events
  • When guild meetings are called please try to attend, we generally only call them when there is something important to discuss. If you are online we do expect you to join the meeting.
  • Trucido Vulgus is not and has no intentions of becoming a raiding guild. We do work on 10 man content as often as we can. If you wish to raid in guild you will need to have read and replied to the 'Raid Rules' post. We take our raiding quite seriously so expect people to be familiar with these rules.

Guild rules

  • Harrasment and bullying will not be tolerated within the guild, report any incidents to an officer. Also be aware that the guild is made up of multiple nationalities and some people's typing isn't the greatest. Please refrain from thoughtless comments that may cause upset or offense if you are having trouble understanding someone.
  • If you have a conflict with another member you are expected to settle the difference in a civilized manner and not conduct an argument in guild chat. If the matter cannot be resolved then you may ask an officer for assistance.
  • Beggars and freeloaders will not be tolerated, anyone who takes advantage of our generosity will find their stay with us a short one.
  • We don't love account sharing. Although we will deal with any issues as they arise, you should be aware that the characters could be removed from the guild.
  • All comments made in guildchat or on the forums should be non-offensive, we can never be sure of the age of our members - besides which we want the guild environment to be welcoming to all. Strong language is not tolerated in guild chat so please bear this in mind and respect the others online. The guild now uses voice chat, and while accidents involving strong language do happen, please try to keep them to a minimum
  • No spamming or leet speak please.

 Guild Removal & Reasoning.

  • Newbies who are inactive for one month will be removed from the guild. Inactive full members will be removed after three months. In both cases a letter to explain will be sent. If you wish to return to the guild when you are active again, please just drop us a line.
  • As this guild is quite sociable we like our members to join in the guild chat and make themselves feel at home, where we have people who join and make no attempt to integrate themselves either by something as simple as saying hi or joining in with our activities (or both), we may question the suitablility of TV for that person.
  • Occasionally there will be troublemakers that cause upset for other members. A warning will be given to the member, if the problem behavior continues then the officers will discuss the removal of that member. If a member is removed then the officers and/or guild leader will explain to the other guild members the reason for the removal.

Lastly, real Life is always more important. People have obligations outside of WoW and our members must respect that.