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Are you interested in a guild soely for the purpose of End Game, Raiding, or Heavy Role Playing?
Are you social while in a guild? meaning are you talketive, willing to group with others in the guild, help others with questing or with tasks, willing to talk to others in the guild?
As Age of Conan is a Mature rated game are you willing to take part in mature convesations that may become flirtatious or permiscuious in nature?
This Guild is an openly mature guild where do not discriminate with people who live an alternative lifestyle. As such we offer a safe haven for those of us who chose to speak openly about topics like being Bisexual, Swingers, or about Doninate/Submisive relationships and at times we may discuss things of this nature, Are you willing to take part in these discussions?
We encurage our guild members to use thier true life first names and not just thier characters names, is this a problem for you?
Any acts petaining to a sexual nature is reserved for private convesations such as private tells or while grouped with others. As such the main guild chat is for general open chat. With this in mind you may be asked to take part in these private conversations by others (not the guildmistress), you have the right to inform the others you do not wish to take part. Keeping this in mind, will this be bothersome or problematic for you?
What is your In-game character name?
What is your Real life first name? ( This is only for my records to keep track of who's who)