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Application Questions
What do you hope this linkshell will accomplish?
Are you willing to spend time to help the linkshell and it's members? (Please be honest here, you don't have to go overboard if you don't want too)
What do you think you can bring to this linkshell?
How often (approximately) do you play or plan to play Final Fantasy XI each week?
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What hours do you usually play (please use eastern time for this question)? A - Mornings B - Afternoons C - Evenings D - Late Nights (Please include all that apply)
How often do you think guild events should be held? A - Less then once a month B - Once a month C - Twice a month D - Once a week E - More then once a week
Do you want this to be an RP (Role-playing) Linkshell? A - Yes, totally RP! RPing should be enforced. B - Yes, but only partial RPing when others want too. It should be encouraged but not forced. C - No, RPing should not be involved with our linkshell.
What should the focus of our Linkshell be? A - Socializing B - Fighting Together C - Guild Events D - No point (please select all that are applicable)
Finally, what are the names of any in game friends that you know would be interested in our linkshell? One of our officers will gladly contact them and invite them to our linkshell based upon your recommendation.