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Application Questions
Are you 18 years old or older?
If you are not 18 do you feel that you are emotionally mature and willing to have a longer probation period if we feel it is necessary?
How did you hear about us? Are you new to us or someone's Alt? Do you know anyone in our guild? Who let you in the guild?
We require that you check the web page at least once a week to keep up with news. Also it would be nice if you would post in the forums and get involved. Do you agree with this?
Absolutely no begging of money or goods from strangers. Also no begging for power leveling from anyone in the guild or alliance. No begging in guild for promotions. You may always ask a favor of a guildie but no repeated begging. Do you agree to all of this?
Say Yes if you agree with this: I will represent our guild well by my conduct. I will not use true profanity or lose my temper at others in the game. If I have a problem I will bring it to the guild for appropriate action or report the person causing the problem to the game moderators.
Do you agree to a 2 week probation period? Longer if necessary?
Do you promise to try to be helpful to others in the game and especially to fellow guild mates?
Have you read the guild charter? (If not please do so after applying).
Please give us an e mail or msn or some way to get in touch with you if we have further questions for you. Thanks!
Please give us your in game name so we will know who you are. Include one or two of your alts if you have several.