General Guild Information

Welcome to Albions Crusaders!

Albions Crusaders is a Dark Age of Camelot Guild, on the Morgan LeFay, and Lamorak Servers. We are a guild based on respect and honor, striving for perfection in all that we do and sticking beside our comrades thru thick and thin. We work to assist the players that may not have the experience and knowledge needed for DAoC, in gaining both wisdom and strength.

We fight for the glory of Albion, togeather the Crusaders can conquer everything!

Albions Crusaders is a very active guild, we have meetings every Saturday around 7pm EST USA Time, acommpained by some type of Guild Raid, these range from RvR Raids, to Darkness Fall Raids, to Barfog Raids, and Guild Power Leveling Sessions. Our meetings are not mandatory, but it is preferred if you attend. Most often we have about 15 Guild Members online (Lamorak), and on MLF we have about 2-3 (MLF)  during regular hours, and during off hours, we have anywhere from 5-10 members (Lamorak), and 1-2 players (MLF).

The Albions Crusaders Guild Website is a wonderful source for anything DAOC or Albions Crusaders related, here will you find a customized XML/XSL Roster, and Realm page, many useful links to great DAOC Websites, and a great place to catch up on whats going on with Albions Crusaders.

Albions Crusaders has a lvl2 Guild House in Armistead, Rilan lot #347. Guild Members own most of surroundling lots in the village. Between all of those houses, you can usually find whatever kind of merchant you are looking for. (Anyone who uses Crafting Merchants in the housing zone automatically gets a 10% discout off of the materials they buy!), Including Teleporter, Grand Master Merchant, Apprenctice Merchat, Dye, Tincture, and Potion merchant, Guild Vault, and Personal Vault Keeper,  and a forge. More merchants, and crafting areas (and a  bindstone or two) will be arriving at the Albions Crusaders Guild house, and village soon!

Albions Crusaders own a Ventrilo Server (Ventrilo is a VoIP Program, you can acually "talk" between anyone on the Server, as you can see its very useful for RvR, and many types of Raids!), to use it, you will need to go to and download Ventrilo, than you will need to Install it, and have a Guild Officer with access create you an account. The IP Address is, and the Port is 3823. If you have any trouble please see a Guild Officer ingame.

Albions Crusaders is the Guardians of the Tor Alliance on MLF, a decent size alliance. Their are usually 30-50 ppl in the alliance at one time. They are very good in RvR, but alliance chat rules can be strict, url to allaicne website is . On Lamora Albions Crusaders is in the Ring of the East Alliance,  a large alliance, that does lots of RvR Combat, the alliance rules are simple, no argueing, and no spam. URL to alliance website is .

If you have any questions or comments please email, thanks and have a wonderful day!!

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