Joining AC

We are not a strict guild, but AC olny accepts members that are willing to become part of the team that is Albions Crusaders, this is not a guild for people who are not respectful, and are not willing to take the time to help others (and be helped). We are not a “flavor of the month guild“, we accept members who have shown that can, and will be loyal to Albions Crusaders. If you suceed in that, the bounties of the Crusaders is your for the taking!

To become a member you must first be
-Have read Guild Rules
-Above level 20 (on MLF. For Lamorak any level is currently accepted!)
-Have a general good standing with Albions Crusaders members, and its alliance.
-Have a desire to become to a strong, dedicated member
-Be willing to help others, and be helped

Now if you have all those qualities you must then post an application on the Request Membership forums, be sure to include a little about yourself (in-game), charaters name, level, class. Be sure to check back in a few days to check if you've been accepted

Click here to read Guild Rules

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