9. Forum Rules


The Holowood Galactic Studios site and these forums are provided to enable members and visitors to help each other in sharing their passion for the game. To share ideas and information about events in the game, and to share out of character news or jokes.

Please be aware that these boards do not welcome discussions debating religion, arguing politics, attacking other people and or
airing out personal differences. Those discussions are all examples of topics better suited for other boards and websites.

In general, you may post any material written in a courteous and mature manner. This includes material that agrees or disagrees with the way that we operate the Holowood Galactic Studios website or guild. We believe in freedom of speech, and we will not interfere with the communication of thoughts and ideas as long as the presentation is constructive and appropriate for all those capable of reading the forum.

We reserve the right at all times to deny your access to the website for any reason including prior history of griefing, cheating, plagiarizing, harassment and or airing out your personal differences with other players.

You may NOT post or place in a signature any material that:

  • Attacks or insults others on the board. Feel free to debate the idea, but do not turn your disagreement into an attack upon the poster or any person or group.
  • Engages in name-calling, harassment, or threats.
  • Degrade any religion, race, nation, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Use the HGS website to air out personal differences with other players, in and out of the guild. If you have an issue with other players or groups, please deal with it in a private message.
  • Infringes on others' privacy. Giving out real-life information about birthdays, real-life names and or email addresses without consent from the other person.

Action that we might take in regard to a post in violation of these rules on the Holowood Galactic Studios Forums will vary depending upon the transgression. It may include any number of the following
at sole discretion, without notice or appeal.

  • Modification.
  • Locking of the thread.
  • Deletion of the post / thread.
  • Access limitation.
  • Banishment (results in the user's forum posting privileges being revoked on HGS)
  • Legal Action (I.e. contacting law enforcement personnel in regard to a threat)

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