6. Selection Policy

The Selection Policy used to decided who gets to attend a Raid is entirely at the discretion of the Raid Organiser. The policy that they choose to use must be given on the Calendar.

Because the Nektulos Raid Alliance has many members including many of the same classes, it will often be the case that more people of certain classes will sign up for a particular raid than can be accomodated. When this happens, the Raid Organiser will have to select which of them can come and which have to be left behind.

Since the sole purpose of the Nektulos Raid Alliance is to enable people to raid who would otherwise never have that opportunity, every member of the Raid Alliance needs to have a reasonable chance of being selected. It is recommended that if possible, selection should be on a rotation basis.

However, in order for an individual Raid to be successful, it must not include too many people who are completely new to raiding or have very little in the way of good equipment or spells. It is not necessary to have Fabled equipment and Master spells when you join Raid Alliance, but if you do, you should let it be known.

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