3. Looting Policy

Looting Policy

The Looting Policy used for each Raid is entirely at the discretion of the Raid Organiser. The policy that they choose to use must be given on the Calendar or at the start of the raid and cannot be changed once the raid has started.

The Nektulos Raid Alliance does not use a DKP system for loot distribution. DKP can work very well for Raiding Guilds and other guilds where only a limited group of people ever raid. Because Alliance raids include people who may raid only occasionally or use /ooc at raid creation time to fill gaps, regular attendees would have a major advantage in terms of accumulated points that would make it easy for them to cherry pick the best loot.

As a consequence, loot distribution is almost exclusively carried out using /ran 100. Looting is not Free For All however!

In order to ensure that the Raid Alliance as a whole improves in terms of equipment, it is recommended that the following basic principles be followed:

  • No one should roll for something they cannot use (unless no one can use it);
  • You should not roll for something that is a major upgrade for someone else but only a minor (or no) upgrade for you;
  • Once a person has won something they should not get to roll again (or until everyone else has won something);

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