Welcome, prospective Drae'Nei members!   The instructions below will guide you through our guild application and web site registration process.  All members of Drae'Nei are required to register on the web site and fill out a guild application as conditions of admission to the guild.  Please follow the instructions below--if you have any questions/difficulties, please contact any guild officer in game. 

1)  First, you MUST read the Drae'Nei Code of Conduct.  While not required, we also strongly recommend you read the Drae'Nei Guild Charter.

1)  Click on
(new user) at the top of the page.  This brings up a Guild Portal registration form. 

2)  Enter your desired username  password and email address.  (Please use your DRAE CHARACTER'S username, otherwise we don't know who you are when you submit your application!) 

3)  Click in the box that says “Apply to Drae'Nei now!

4)  Click “Create Account”.  This registers you as a GUILD PORTAL member, and brings up the Drae'Nei guild application window.

5)  Click “Start Application“.  This brings up the first guild application question.

6)  Answer the Drae'Nei application questions.  You MUST answer affirmatively to the questions regarding to reading/complying with the Code of Conduct to be accepted into the guild!  When you finish answering the application questions, click “Submit Application”.  This sends an email to the guild officers entitled to approve applications to let them know an application has been received.  (You can also log in to the game and type /who Drae to find any Drae'Nei members who are online.  You can send them a tell to ask for an officer or Guild Master, and if one is available, they can usually review your application immediately.)  They will review the application and approve (or deny, if necessary) it.  Once it is approved, you're done!

Upon approval, you will be brought into the guild at the rank of Clan Initiate.  This is a probationary position for seven days.  During this time your conduct in guild and alliance chat and within guild groups ins monitored.  After the seven day probation period,  if there are no violations of guild standards (as stated in the Drae'Nei Guild Charter) and the Code of Conduct, you will be promoted to full-fledged member status, and given the appropriate rank according to your character level.

7)  If you joined Guild Portal but did NOT click the box that says “Apply to Drae'Nei now!”, you are only halfway through the process, and are NOT registered as a Drae'Nei member.  In that case, when you are on the site, you should see an option to “Join Drae'Nei” at the top of the page next to the “Welcome” message (above the banner image).  Click on it, and it will take you to the guild application questions.  Follow the instructions above from Step 5 down!

If you have questions or problems with the application process, please contact a guild officer in game for help!

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